Job Fair

Job Fair

Come join us Wednesday, February 23rd, at the Job Fair in Wadesboro, NC. We will have a booth and would love to tell you all about our current job openings.

We are hiring: general laborers, CDL drivers, equipment operators, mechanics, asphalt lab technician, asphalt plant yard man and more.

Date: February 23, 2022

Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm

Location: NC Works Career Center- 514 N. Washington Str. Wadesboro, NC 28170

Boggs Group is an equal opportunity employer and encourage all to apply including women and minorities. 

The Patch Pack of the Carolinas Makes the News

The Patch Pack of the Carolinas Makes the News

Boggs Group’s Patch Pack of the Carolinas made the news for their work in Hickory, NC. The News Herald wrote an article about the team fixing potholes free of charge after they learned potholes were keeping the citizens of Hickory from receiving their mail. This type of situation is the whole reason the Patch Pack was formed in the first place. When Chuck Steele, president of Boggs Materials, Inc. and founder of the Patch Pack of the Carolinas, heard about this problem he said “you know what we’ll do? I’ll just get a group in the morning and I’ll send them up there.” And that is exactly what he did. The group spent the day fixing problematic potholes. Now the people of Hickory do not have to worry about not being able to get their mail. As Steele said, “giving back was a good way to start off the holiday season.”

Read the whole article in the link below.

Company fixes potholes free of charge after post office stops mail delivery

To learn more about the Patch Pack of the Carolinas check out our previous post- “Boggs Group’s New Patch Pack of the Carolinas.”

Boggs Paving Changes Their Name

Boggs Paving Changes Their Name

Boggs Paving Changes Their Name

For over 25 years Boggs Paving, Inc. has led the paving industry since its founding in 1984. With a vision of creating a modern organization made up of top-notch professionals and skilled craft persons, founder, Carl A. Boggs, Jr, drew upon his knowledge and experience to create an environment for camaraderie, growth, innovation, and quality every day.

Boggs History

From starting out small and paving parking lots and driveways in Monroe, NC the company has evolved into a large trustworthy business, paving major roads and highways from North to South Carolina. Throughout the years Boggs has expanded its market outside of the paying business. Over the last few years, we have changed our business model to include other work types in addition to asphalt paving operations, which includes bridges, culverts, and infrastructure projects.

As a result of these additional scopes of work activities in our day to day operations, we have decided to change our company name in order to better reflect the multiple types of work we perform. As of December 1st, 2019, Boggs Paving, Inc. will officially change its name to Boggs Contracting, Inc. 

Thank You For Working With Us!

For those that have worked with Boggs Paving, Inc, in the past or present, we want to thank you for your relationship as you have helped make our company successful. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you so we all can have many more successful years in the future. 

1 Year Anniversary of the Opening of the Monroe Expressway

1 Year Anniversary of the Opening of the Monroe Expressway

History Of The Monroe Expressway

For decades residents of Union County heard stories of a large bypass being built throughout their town. Stories of a new and faster way to get to and from Charlotte, NC. But, as time went on these stories started to seem like just stories, myths. Year after year the idea and hope of such a big project taking place started to fade away. Little did they know the Monroe Bypass Constructors LLC and their partner, Boggs Contracting, Inc., were behind the scenes developing the plans of what would later become the Monroe Expressway.

Monroe Can Finally Take Back U.S. 74

N.C. Transportation Secretary, Jim Trogdon, understood why hope was lost. “This project was a long, long time in development,” he said. But finally, 30 plus years after the first acre of land was acquired, construction on the Monroe bypass began in May of 2015. Pat Kahle, the president of the Union County Chamber of Commerce said, “the elusive dream has become a reality.” Monroe can finally take back U.S. 74.

Working Day and Night To Make It Happen

Over the course of the following three years, the Monroe Bypass Constructors, Boggs Contracting and plenty of other construction companies meticulously worked day and night on the bypass. They took extra time to make sure it wasn’t just a standard road. The road names on the overpass bridges look hand-painted and the decision to use red bricks, which is North Carolina clay, to build these overpass bridges speaks to North Carolinians’ heritage. They made certain that every job was thoroughly completed and every detail was accounted for before its grand opening on November 27th, 2018. 

The Wait Was Worth It

Since its opening one year ago, hundreds of thousands of people have driven on the bypass including the Vice President of the United States. It has helped people get to places faster and ease the anxiety and emotions of being stuck in traffic. The wait was worth it.

4 years and $730 million later, people now have the choice to either sit in bumper to bumper traffic from Marshville, NC to Charlotte, NC or cut 20 minutes by bypassing 27 intersections on U.S. 74 and getting home just in time for dinner.