Boggs Materials Sponsors the Dixie Angels X-Play Softball World Series Champions

Boggs Materials Sponsors the Dixie Angels X-Play Softball World Series Champions

On Tuesday, July 27, in Prince George, VA there was 1 player from the opposing team on third base with 2 outs. 1 out was the only thing keeping the little league softball team from Lancaster, SC from winning the Dixie Angels X-Play Softball World Series. With the excitement building the team representing South Carolina got the 3rd out securing their title as the World-Series champions! They beat Alabama 18-13. 

Boggs Materials had sponsored the team’s journey to the World Series. Choosing to sponsor the team wasn’t a hard choice to make because Boggs Materials has personal ties to the team. One of their employees is a family member of one of the champions. In fact, the World Series winner has more family members that work for the other Boggs Group’s companies as well. Therefore, Boggs Group couldn’t be more excited for the team!

Congratulations to Dixie Angels X-Play Softball World Series Champions!!

Win the local tournaments ✔

Win the State tournament ✔

Win the softball World Series ✔



Boggs Group’s New “Patch Pack of the Carolinas”

Boggs Group’s New “Patch Pack of the Carolinas”

Recently Boggs Materials came up with a new cold patch asphalt mixture. This special blend is currently being approved by both the NCDOT and SCDOT. Unlike others, the mix won’t deteriorate over time, and is being made from 100% recycled and organic materials. After seeing the effectiveness of the new cold patch, Boggs Group decided to create the all female  “Patch Pack of the Carolinas” or just “The Patch Pack.” This Cold Patch Crew consists of all female employees with temporary coaches. There are women in sales, women in the office, women in marketing and women in the QC Lab who are creating this special mix.

The sole purpose of this crew is to fix potholes around the Monroe Area. They find the potholes that can potentially tear up cars and fix them right then and there. The whole process only takes 15-20 minutes to be completed. By its completion the mix will already be hardened enough to be driven on. This will allow cars to drive over the patch without having to worry about any lingering mix getting on their tires.

The crew relies highly on requests. If someone in the Monroe area has a pothole that needs to be fixed they can contact Boggs Group or fill out the request form online. The Patch Pack will process the request and determine if it is a pothole they will be able to fix. The determination relies heavily on the location and state of the pothole. Therefore, when submitting a request the following information is required:

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Location of hole
  • A picture of the hole. 

So far in Monroe, NC the crew has been able to fix potholes at Zaxby’s, Contractors Building Supply, Dollar General, BILO, Griffith Road, Hillcrest Church Road and more.

There is no monetary gain because the crew fixes potholes for free.  So.. “Show us your pothole!” 

Click the link below to be directed to the request form



York County’s Diverging Diamond Interchange

York County’s Diverging Diamond Interchange

Over the past 10 years the population of York County, South Carolina has grown tremendously. It is an attractive place. One, it’s close to Charlotte, NC but still has that small town feel and two, the taxes are significantly lower. However, as the population increases so does the traffic. This is evident on I-77 at the North Carolina/South Carolina line.  According to The Hearld’s article, “That York Co. I77 and Gold Hill Road Interchange? Here’s When Construction May Start,” the State Transportation Department’s current traffic counts show that around 100,000 to 160,000 vehicles travel on this part of I-77 every day. The current set-up isn’t practical; therefore, in order to help the flow of traffic the South Carolina Department of Transportation has decided to build a “Diverging Diamond Interchange” at the interchange of I-77 and Gold Hill Road, otherwise known as SC 460. After working out all of the details, Boggs Contracting, Inc. was awarded the job.

But, what exactly is a Diverging Diamond Interchange? It is a diamond shaped interchange that allows two directions of traffic on the non-freeway road to cross to the opposite side on both sides of the bridge at the freeway. In other words, it allows two directions of traffic to temporarily cross to the left side of the road. This makes traffic move easily through an intersection without increasing the number of lanes and traffic signals. 

Not only is the South Carolina Department of Transportation funding the project but York County’s very own “Pennies for Progress” is as well. “Pennies for Progress” is the name of York County’s, “Capital Project Sales and Use Tax Programs.” This sales tax program was created to give York County a safer and more effective roadway system. The way it works is the county imposes a 1% tax on different types of goods and services. Every dollar raised from that 1% helps fund roadway projects in the county. According to the article “York County Voters Breathe New Life into Pennies for Progress” the program has raised close to $700 million to fix roads in the county since its creation in 1997. A part of that $700 million has helped fund the new interchange.

Construction on the interchange has already begun and the targeted completion date is June of 2021. 2021 may seem like a long time away but the wait will be worth it. When the interchange is finished people can say goodbye to stand still traffic. 

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Revamping the Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC

Revamping the Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC

The Carolina Motorsports Park has officially re-opened in Kershaw, South Carolina! The park first opened in 1999 and according to its website it is the only “purpose-built road racing facility in the Carolinas.” For over the next 20 years the park has been a key attraction for residents and tourists alike. 

Starting out as only one 2.27 mile road course, the park has gone through many changes throughout the years. There are now 3 road courses and a kart track. People can participate in skidpad practicing and there is even a place to camp. The latest change was upgrading and “revamping” the park. According to an article by “Construction Equipment Guide, the park’s new owner, Michael Cummings immediately knew that the park needed to be upgraded. This was mainly due to the fact that the original road course’s surface, which was over 20 years old, had started to wear out. Cummings wanted the park to be a place where people could come and race all types of cars; therefore, he knew he had to make the track safe. This is when he called in our company, Lynches River Contracting, Inc. to do the job.

Knowing that paving a racetrack would be quite different from paving a highway, Lynches River Contracting’s President, Thad Preslar and Vice-President, Lee Sanders, thought that it would be beneficial to bring in the other Boggs Group companies to help with the variety of jobs. Boggs Materials produced the asphalt, Boggs Transport transported the asphalt and Boggs Contracting surveyed the land. Even though it was a different type of paving from what Lynches River Contracting usually does, they got the job done. 

Since Lynches River Contracting played a large role in this project the President and Vice-President of the company got to take part in the grand opening. When asked what it was like to be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony, Lynches River Contracting’s President, Thad Preslar, said,

“It was exciting to be finished and to see how successful everything turned out. It was a really good example of how all of our teams worked together. All of the companies within Boggs Group had to be hand to hand on this and the people there are very happy.” 

Congratulations to Boggs Group on their hard work. Now go check out their work and experience what it is like to be a racecar driver!

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Boggs Materials, Inc. Donates to Bladen’s Trail

Boggs Materials, Inc. Donates to Bladen’s Trail

Jefferson, South Carolina is home to the Jefferson Recreation Park. Nestled in the beautiful South Carolina landscape you will find multiple baseball/softball fields as well as fields to play soccer and all types of activities on. It is a great place to spend a beautiful Saturday and Sunday at. Recently, the park has gotten even better. This past year a walking trail was built around the park. However, this isn’t just your regular trail it is “Bladen’s Trail.” 

“Bladen’s Trail” is named after Bladen David Cail. Cail was a fun loving 3 ½ month old that tragically passed away in November of 2016. To keep his memory alive Cail’s family went to town’s officials with the idea of the trail. Then with the help of the community and other companies the idea became a reality. One of those companies was Boggs Materials, Inc.

Boggs Materials had the privilege of donating 250 tons of asphalt that was used to build the 2,150ft long trail. Every 500ft has a plaque of Bladen’s footprints and a quote on it. According to the local newspaper Cail’s grandfather, Tommy Catoe, said they added this feature because, “I knew he would never get to put his little footprints out there on the field or play sports out there. I wanted to do something to honor his memory. I want this to be special.” 

Boggs Materials may have played a small part in this project but with the help of others it turned out to be as special as Catoe and his family wanted. 

Check out the video below to learn more about this special addition to the Jefferson Recreation Complex.