Jefferson, South Carolina is home to the Jefferson Recreation Park. Nestled in the beautiful South Carolina landscape you will find multiple baseball/softball fields as well as fields to play soccer and all types of activities on. It is a great place to spend a beautiful Saturday and Sunday at. Recently, the park has gotten even better. This past year a walking trail was built around the park. However, this isn’t just your regular trail it is “Bladen’s Trail.” 

“Bladen’s Trail” is named after Bladen David Cail. Cail was a fun loving 3 ½ month old that tragically passed away in November of 2016. To keep his memory alive Cail’s family went to town’s officials with the idea of the trail. Then with the help of the community and other companies the idea became a reality. One of those companies was Boggs Materials, Inc.

Boggs Materials had the privilege of donating 250 tons of asphalt that was used to build the 2,150ft long trail. Every 500ft has a plaque of Bladen’s footprints and a quote on it. According to the local newspaper Cail’s grandfather, Tommy Catoe, said they added this feature because, “I knew he would never get to put his little footprints out there on the field or play sports out there. I wanted to do something to honor his memory. I want this to be special.” 

Boggs Materials may have played a small part in this project but with the help of others it turned out to be as special as Catoe and his family wanted. 

Check out the video below to learn more about this special addition to the Jefferson Recreation Complex.