On Tuesday, July 27, in Prince George, VA there was 1 player from the opposing team on third base with 2 outs. 1 out was the only thing keeping the little league softball team from Lancaster, SC from winning the Dixie Angels X-Play Softball World Series. With the excitement building the team representing South Carolina got the 3rd out securing their title as the World-Series champions! They beat Alabama 18-13. 

Boggs Materials had sponsored the team’s journey to the World Series. Choosing to sponsor the team wasn’t a hard choice to make because Boggs Materials has personal ties to the team. One of their employees is a family member of one of the champions. In fact, the World Series winner has more family members that work for the other Boggs Group’s companies as well. Therefore, Boggs Group couldn’t be more excited for the team!

Congratulations to Dixie Angels X-Play Softball World Series Champions!!

Win the local tournaments ✔

Win the State tournament ✔

Win the softball World Series ✔