Boggs Paving Changes Their Name

For over 25 years Boggs Paving, Inc. has led the paving industry since its founding in 1984. With a vision of creating a modern organization made up of top-notch professionals and skilled craft persons, founder, Carl A. Boggs, Jr, drew upon his knowledge and experience to create an environment for camaraderie, growth, innovation, and quality every day.

Boggs History

From starting out small and paving parking lots and driveways in Monroe, NC the company has evolved into a large trustworthy business, paving major roads and highways from North to South Carolina. Throughout the years Boggs has expanded its market outside of the paying business. Over the last few years, we have changed our business model to include other work types in addition to asphalt paving operations, which includes bridges, culverts, and infrastructure projects.

As a result of these additional scopes of work activities in our day to day operations, we have decided to change our company name in order to better reflect the multiple types of work we perform. As of December 1st, 2019, Boggs Paving, Inc. will officially change its name to Boggs Contracting, Inc. 

Thank You For Working With Us!

For those that have worked with Boggs Paving, Inc, in the past or present, we want to thank you for your relationship as you have helped make our company successful. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you so we all can have many more successful years in the future.