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Job Title: Heavy Equipment Operator (Night work)

Company: Boggs Contracting, Inc.

Location: Charlotte, NC

Reports To: Job Foreman

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Summary: Operate of various smooth drum or rubber tire roller(s), in order to compact and/or smooth asphalt surfaces, during asphalt laydown operations


  • To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each Key Duty satisfactorily
  • Infrequent, ability to stand and/or walk on smooth asphalt surface
  • Intermittent, ability to use 3 points of contact, to climb/step up 1-4 roller steps/rungs spaced <18 apart: using grab bar
  • Intermittent, ability to turn head to look over shoulder while backing
  • Frequent ability to work in various weather and temperature conditions
  • Frequent ability to wear a lap seat belt
  • Infrequent ability to work in environments that may require hearing protection (over 85 decibels)


Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned by supervisor

  • Responsible for the operation of various smooth drum or rubber tire roller(s), in order to compact and/or smooth asphalt surfaces, during asphalt laydown operations
  • Safely operates roller to achieve identified asphalt and roadway surface compaction requirements, as defined by the contract/owner specifications
  • Determines speed and direction of roller, based on compaction specifications; typically, at the direction and under the guidance of the Asphalt Laydown Foreman and/or Superintendent
  • Works closely with other crew members using hand signals and verbal communication, to coordinate work and ensure safety
  • Maintains visual contact, with those working around equipment, at all times; to ensure safe proximity from obstacles and or workers on foot
  • Performs daily roller inspection and identifies maintenance concerns to their supervisor and/or equipment, to ensure that roller is in safe, proper working
  • Other duties, may be assigned, based on specific job necessity=
  • Frequent ability to sit for prolonged periods of time, with intermittent breaks throughout a shift
  • Frequent ability to work near heavy equipment and moving machinery
  • Work is performed in outdoor environment, with exposure the varying temperatures, and weather conditions, typically not cold or wet conditions
  • Work environment periodically exposes the employees to high levels of noise, of adjacent equipment and vehicular traffic
  • Employee regularly works near heavy equipment and moving machinery


Compensation will be based on experience.

Boggs Contracting, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all to apply including women and minorities.

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