Boggs Group’s Patch Pack of the Carolinas made the news for their work in Hickory, NC. The News Herald wrote an article about the team fixing potholes free of charge after they learned potholes were keeping the citizens of Hickory from receiving their mail. This type of situation is the whole reason the Patch Pack was formed in the first place. When Chuck Steele, president of Boggs Materials, Inc. and founder of the Patch Pack of the Carolinas, heard about this problem he said “you know what we’ll do? I’ll just get a group in the morning and I’ll send them up there.” And that is exactly what he did. The group spent the day fixing problematic potholes. Now the people of Hickory do not have to worry about not being able to get their mail. As Steele said, “giving back was a good way to start off the holiday season.”

Read the whole article in the link below.

Company fixes potholes free of charge after post office stops mail delivery

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